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  • As our principle we give particular importance to the necessities and expectations of the customer;

    •By delivering the products on time and by managing and controlling the feedbacks effectively
    •By using the sources in efficiently
    •By offering quality product
    •By providing cost-favourable product
    We aim at increase of the customer satisfaction

    With the people oriented approach,
    •By ensuring the pluralistic approach and participate management,
    •By giving importance to the education of employees for continuous development
    • By creating the quality awareness,
    • By protecting the health of the employees,
    We take increasing the employee satisfaction as a goal.

    In line with this targets;
    •Setting up, carrying out and maintaining an effective quality management system to provide a service at a level of international standards
    •Basing on the demands and opinions of the customers,
    •To consistently inspect the effectiveness of ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 Automobile Quality Management System and making necessary improvements,
    • Giving importance to corporate culture,
    And working coordinated with our customers and suppliers is taken as our target.